Drain Line Inspections – Complimentary 2020

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Monsoon Season 2020

Monsoon season is fast-approaching! This time of year, your air conditioner is working double time to meet its heating and cooling requirements. You may notice one or more of the following things: your system is running longer, your usual set temperature doesn’t feel the same, or your AC drain line is releasing a lot of water.

Not only is your AC working to bring down the temperature of the house, but it’s also removing excess moisture from the air.

Drain lines remove moisture from the home after the air conditioner collects it from the air. Usually, the drain lines run through the side of the home and into a plumbing pipe back inside (or, in the case of a package unit, off the roof).

During cloudy weather and rain, those drain lines can get plugged, restricting proper drainage. When this happens, it can cause stuffy home conditions. Water damage can also occur if the water overflows from the AC’s drain pan. It becomes the perfect environment for microbial growth on the indoor coil and the indoor blower assembly.

water leak drain line

Luckily, we have an easy solution!

AHR Mechanical is happy to offer a complimentary drain line inspection to make sure your system is draining properly! We are able to catch any potential drainage issues before it becomes a serious, costly problem.

Please contact us at (480) 991-2353 or!

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