The Clean Air Bundle – Three Steps


Nothing can compare to the freshness of outside air. For those who spend lots of time inside, or are simply concerned about air quality, clean air flow throughout the home is a necessity for most people.

The duct system plays a big part in AC operational costs. It directly affects the quality of air in every room, regardless of home or unit age.

However, duct systems are often overlooked. Even in upgraded and remodeled homes, the duct system can be outdated and inefficient. Costly air flow loss is only one of the problems that these systems face.

The Clean Air Bundle is a three-step process that provides you and your family with the best indoor environment. The best part? Experience air quality upgrades using your existing system.


Step 1: Clean It!

At AHR Mechanical, we begin by cleaning your duct system. Then, the indoor coil and indoor blower assembly are cleaned of all debris that would otherwise enter the home.

Step 2: Seal It!

After the duct system is cleaned, we seal it with Aeroseal to prevent costly air loss. Then, a report shows the performance difference before and after treatment. Most people receive a 50% average improvement, and some even see a 98% improvement in air flow!

Step 3: Sanitize It!

Finally, we install a Reme Halo. The Reme Halo is a machine designed to eliminate Sick Building Syndrome and purify every cubic inch of air. It rids the home of contaminants like dust, mold, smoke, microbes, and viruses with quiet and efficient operation.

This three-step process is AHR Mechanical’s key to providing the best indoor air quality for your home. Contact us today via phone or email to schedule or ask questions about the process!

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